RISK360 Certify
Construction industry compliance

Certify is used by the Australian construction industry to ensure that they and their contractors and suppliers comply with the Code of Practice for construction to achieve the standards of health, safety and welfare required under the Work Health and Safety Act in each State.

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RISK360 Monitor
Risk management

Monitor extends the risk management process of identification, analysis, evaluation, treatment and continuous monitoring to provide a complete governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solution for any business or organisation.

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AML/CTF compliance

RISK360 AML is an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF) information service used by the banking and financial services industry to check customers against DFAT, OFAC, UK, EU and custom sanctions lists.

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RISK360 Certify


Certify manages the compliance records of contractors and suppliers using web and mobile technologies, automatically generating email and SMS alerts when required.

Compliance with WHS laws

A builder’s compliance requirements are readily configured for the specific risks associated with occupations, work activities and construction sites as well as individual contractors and suppliers.

Certify provides builders and their contractors and suppliers with secure 24x7 web access to compliance records and supporting documents.

Contractors and suppliers are provided with mobile apps that support site specific risk assessments and toolbox talks and automatically generate email and SMS alerts when required.

Improved safety

Builders’ compliance people can focus on training, site inspections and audits without the need to handle paperwork.

Reduced business risk

Certify provides financial and legal protection for builders by verifying and updating the registration, licensing, insurance and WHS records of their contractors and suppliers. And with greater focus on training, site inspections and audits, builders will reduce their financial and reputational risk.

Saving time and money

Certify enables builders to save time and money by:
  • Using custom templates that tailor compliance requirements to specific occupations, work activities and construction as well as to individual contractors and suppliers
  • Automatically updating the compliance status of their contractors and suppliers
  • Providing web access to the compliance records of their contractors and suppliers
  • Allocating compliance resource to high risk activities
Certify enables contractors and suppliers to save time and money by:
  • Providing web access to the builder’s compliance requirements
  • Allowing information and supporting documents to be submitted online
  • Sharing compliance information with other builder clients
  • Using Certify mobile apps to reduce paperwork and improve safety
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RISK360 Monitor


Monitor is an easy-to-use risk management and compliance solution that increases the confidence of stakeholders through visibility, control and accountability.

International ISO 31000 Standard

Monitor is built on the framework provided by ISO 31000 Risk management – Principles and guidelines framework that provides guidelines for a proactive approach of identifying and addressing risks throughout an organisation; an approach that requires risk management activities to be structured, transparent, and responsive to change.

Risk management

Monitor extends the risk management process of identification, analysis, assessment, treatment and continuous risk monitoring to provide a complete governance, risk and compliance solution for any business or organisation. It enables you to gain critical insight into all areas of risk, reduce the potential for unforeseen losses, improve business decision making, and demonstrate good corporate governance.

Incident management

Monitor provides web portals for reporting and tracking incidents using web forms that are easy to create and maintain. The data collected from incidents are readily available for analysis and management reporting. Incidents can also be linked to risks to inform the process of risk assessment.
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Australian Government  OFAC European Union HM Treasury


RISK360 AML web services provide online access to continually updated International and custom sanctions lists for accurate and cost effective compliance with AML/CTF laws.

Sanctions lists

Select the sanctions lists maintained by Australia (DFAT), United States (OFAC), the European Union and United Kingdom to include in your AML/CTF search. The lists are continually updated by RISK360.

Custom sanctions lists

Upload PEP and your own custom lists in our standard CSV file format to include in the AML/CTF search. Upload your updates when required.

Web application

RISK360 AML can be used as a complete web application with user management, web forms and reporting services with automated email and SMS alerts. You can also access full transaction history with the option to export your data and search results to Excel.

Web services

RISK360 AML web services can also be used to implement an AML/CTF search function in your existing customer management software with access to continually updated sanctions lists.

Our services

We help customers build a sound foundation for risk management and compliance solutions through our knowledge of industry best practice and industry regulations.

Icon Consulting

We work closely with our customers on both long-term, strategic projects and short, focused projects to transfer knowledge and understanding. Our solutions and recommendations provide strong business value in terms of cost savings, improved performance, risk reduction, and comprehensive compliance.

Icon Implementation services

We provide expert technical services for the implementation of our solutions and integration with your systems. We provide professional services to support solution design and development, project management, and business and technical requirements analysis.

Icon Training and workshops

We provide customised training and workshops to meet your specific needs, including "train the trainer" courses when required. We also provide workshop guides that support the development and deployment of generic risk registers to accelerate the implementation of risk management and compliance programs.

Icon Hosting

We operate our hosting services from world-class ISO 270001 certified Data Centres in Sydney to deliver our risk management and compliance solutions to customers as a software service.

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Who we are

RISK360 is a family company led by a management team with over 50 years’ experience in developing and implementing successful technology solutions.

The company was formed in 2004 to develop the RISK360 Enterprise risk management and compliance system for the Financial Services industry. RISK360 Enterprise is now widely used by Industry and Government as well as by Universities to teach risk management.

We continue to develop and upgrade our systems with new technologies and now offer our solutions as low cost, cloud-based services that can also be accessed from mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones.